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bogman beer bottle


Irish Amber Ale • 4.9%

A malty full bodied and balanced beer which is not overly hoppy so that the malt characters are evident, allowing for easy drinking.
Amber in colour, it is darker and maltier than an IPA but not as dark as an Irish Red/Smithwicks.

mild atlantic ale beer bottle

Mild Atlantic Ale

Golden Ale • 4.2%

If you drink lager and want something with a little more character and flavour give Mild Atlantic a try – if you like hoppy IPAs then this is probably not the beer for you.

Our Beer Design Story

We have been brewing authentic, great tasting beer since 2012. Based in Spiddal, Co. Galway we have a deep passion for brewing authentic natural beers using only the best ingredients. We create and brew beer that our local community enjoy and are proud to call their own.

In our R&D centre in Casla. Co. Galway, we focus on the design and creation of a diverse range of beers. It is here that we work with malts and other grains from Ireland and around the world. Hops ranging from historic noble varieties to the latest new world hybrids, as well as funky ingredients such as spices, cocoa, salts, fruits and local botanicals such as bog myrtle and heathers. We have a wide variety of yeasts and are constantly amazed by the different tastes yeast can impart on the same mash ingredients.

We spend a lot of time perfecting our beer at the R&D stage, playing with temperatures and timings throughout the brewing, fermentation and conditioning process. Testing the outcomes of small changes to the process on flavour and aroma. Only when completely happy do we then send the beer to production.

We have also collaborated with pubs, hotels and beer enthusiasts alike working with them to design and create their own unique beer which they sell on tap today.

If you are interested in creating and designing your own unique beer we can help you with that. Spend some time with our brewing team and learn how to create and design your own recipe using our commercial equipment. Contact us and we’ll have the solution for you.

Our full scale commercial brewery is coming but in the meantime we gypsy commercial volumes at our friends in Trouble Brewing in Kildare.


Contact Us

We sell beer in bottles and on draught through various distributors in Ireland and Europe. We also do events such as food festivals and can provide a bar and keg(s) for parties. If you would like to purchase a keg for an occasion, just contact us to find out about costs and delivery.

For trade inquiries:

  Sam Farthing


  087 9957588

For deliveries and all other inquiries:

  Joan Kilfeather


  087 7972066